Hey there, fellow Ryszards on the Internet. My name is Ryszard Sommefeldt, and I own ryszard@gmail.com. You don’t. Stop using it.

Over the last few years you’ve used my email address to sign up for Skype accounts, financial services, other email services, scientific journals, keep fit classes, libraries and more. You get your password reset tokens sent there. Someone even used it as a test email address in some software he was writing.

I’ve cancelled theatre tickets you bought. I’ve unsubscribed from myriad shopping website mailing lists and other dross you’ve unwittingly put my email address into.

Just fucking stop it and learn to type your own ryszard.whatever@gmail.com address. It’s not hard. Press the extra keys. You’ll make me happier.

Hey there, fellow developers on the Internet. My name is Ryszard Sommefeldt, and I’m sick and tired of you accepting any old email address into your systems without any kind of verification. It’s not cool that any idiot can smash my email address into your horrible applications and you don’t give two shits as to whether the address is actually OK to send email to. Send a verification token. You’re quite happy to send me other people’s password reset tokens, so what gives?

Collectively, just fucking stop it.